Runners Bibs

If you’re a runner, you know what a bib is. In fact, if you’re like me, you probably have a ton of them laying around the house.

I had a pile of bibs sitting in my office and I kept trying to think of something to do with them. I didn’t want to throw them away, I’d worked too hard to “earn” them. Through all my searching, I came across quite a few plaques, where you can hang them and flip through them similar to a calendar. That was OK, but not exactly what I was looking for. Then I found it. I really like word art and I’m a creative person, so decided to make a craft project out of my bibs. Here is the end result:

run-letters-croppedThis process took a bit of time, as I had to fit each of the bibs on there nicely so you could still see what they were from. Here’s what I did:

Apologies as I thought I had more photos of the actual process.

I purchased the R U N letters from my local craft store. They are about a foot tall and super light weight. Using tacky glue, I glued each bib into place, after playing around with the placement a bit.

For the backs, I used picture frame hardware, held into place with tacky glue:


Overall, I’m very happy with the end result.

This may look familiar to you, as I’ve also done some letter crafts with pennies in the past, here’s a look:

Runners Bibs

Puppy Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my dogs. Don’t get me wrong, they are still a HUGE part of my life, but I figured if I kept writing about them you all might get bored with the same old stories and photos.

However, yesterday both of my dogs did something worth mentioning, so I decided to share.

Starting with my little man, Lucky. Since we’ve gotten Lady, he’s been just kind of lounging around. He will play with her every once in a while and if I pull a ball out he gets excited. Nothing excites him more than when we go for our walks. My complex has a big circle around it and we’ve become accustomed to calling it “going for a circle”. As soon as he hears “circle” he is at the door, ears up, tail wagging. My sweet boy.

Last night I decided to have a bit of fun with him. He was laying in my bed and I snuck up on him. It took him by surprise and he got into play mode right away. For a good 20-30 minutes, Lucky and I played like we used to when he was a puppy. He was on the bed, off the bed, front paws down butt in the air, tail wagging, barking, and smiling. When we finished, I gave him a big hug and as if to say “thanks for the play time” he gave me a big sloppy kiss (Lucky doesn’t usually lick).

Now Lady on the other hand. She is always playing. My sweet girl has so much energy I have no idea what to do with it! She’s always running around and has a toy in her mouth. Every where I go, she is right next to me. I’ve got a little shadow.

Yesterday, Steve wanted to take the dogs outside and brush them. Since we live in a condo, taking the dogs out requires them be on a leash or a tie out. We decided to put Lady on her leash for the hair brush, because if she was on her tie out she would take off running and brushing would be a lost cause. Lady was really good for her brushing session. She sat really well and behaved. Then it was Lucky’s turn. We tried to seamlessly swap the dogs out. Lady in the house, Lucky outside for a brush. Tried is the operative word in that sentence. Lady decided to come out again. Steve learned just how strong that little girl is. She’s 60 pounds of muscle and when she moves, you move with her. Boy oh boy was that an experience! Needless to say, we got her back in the house and Lucky got his brush session.


Both of them are doing well and enjoying the warm weather!

Puppy Update

Summer Training

As summer is quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about half marathon training. Yes, I did just recently run a half marathon in Cincinnati (bringing my state count up to 4! woo!) but during the summer is when I get serious with my training.

My next half that I have signed up for is the Detroit Free Press Half, which I will be running with my mom and future sister-in-law. Today, I sat down and wrote out our training guide. We will be doing a 21 week training, based off of the training guide from “The Nonrunners Marathon Guide for Woman” by Dawn Dias. By the way, if you haven’t picked up a copy of this book, I highly recommend it. This book got me through my first half and has kept me laughing along the way.

One thing I want to really concentrate on during this summer training is actually doing the Cross Training days and not just using them as an extra rest day. I’m thinking that legs and abs are probably good for cross training. But I’m open to suggestions. Karate and Yoga have also crossed my mind.

Saturdays will be the long run days and I typically run those early in the morning. I can’t get myself to get out of bed early on week days to go running, and find that I do well in the early evening just as the sun is starting to set.

If you would like to get started in your training I’ve included the first month of our training plan below. Click the image to download the PDF.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.12.04 AM

Summer Training


Jackie Stachurski:

A few days late to reblog this, but I’ll be participating in this (started yesterday with my half marathon!) I encourage you to as well!

Originally posted on crazy running guy:

The best piece of fitness advise I’ve ever heard was “build consistency.” We all know working out makes usstronger. Healthier. As long as we don’t over do it, more is better…

Increases in physical activity don’tjust make us stronger, theycause our bodies to adapt.We increase our abilityto move, and sustainhigher levels of activity. Whenphysical activity becomes aconsistentpart our our lifestyle, our baseline fitness level is elevated. This makes us less prone to injury and primes our body to respond to higher levels ofphysicalconditioning whendesired.

May Fitness Challenge
For the entire month of May, I plan to run daily. I’ll set realistic expectations, and I’ll stick to the plan. Logging my progress here. I challenge each of you to do the same. :-) You don’t have run, but pick something that you value. Pick something you’d like to improve at.

Push-ups or planks? Yoga or meditation? This is an plan to…

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Turning 30 in Disney

Turning 30 is typically not something a lady looks forward to. In my mind, I can’t believe I’m 30. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m even 20! However, time moves on and we get older, wether we want to or not. 

I decided to celebrate my big 3-0 in my favorite place. Disney World. Why? Because a lot of times, at home, a birthday can feel like just another day. I didn’t want my milestone birthday to feel like another day. And Disney knows how to do birthdays.

We spent my whole birthday weekend in Disney World, Sunday was the actual day. When we checked in at the hotel, I was given a birthday button with my name on it. I’ll explain the significance in a few minutes.

We walked in our room and sitting on the bedside table was a birthday card from the Mouse himself! 

The first two days we spent park hopping, and I did wear my birthday button. What is the significance? All of the workers in Disney see your button and say “Happy Birthday Jackie!” Even from across the street. 

On Sunday, it was as if they had something special to note it was my actual birthday…and they do! If you stay in the resorts on Disney property you get a magic band for your hotel key, park ticket, fast passes and more. Every time I swiped my magic band, a little hat with confetti showed up and the worker would look up, smile and say “Happy Birthday!” 

A few other special things happened. On the bus, the Disney busses that take you from park to park, they announced my birthday and sang to me. All of the characters I met had a special wish to me (Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel all told me their special way of celebrating).

Also, not just once, but two times, a Disney cast member said to me, “hey Jackie! Can you come here a minute? You have a phone call.” They would hand me the phone and guess who was on the other line? 

Goofy! Yep! Goofy was on the line singing happy birthday to me. It was fun. 

All day (well the whole weekend actually) I didn’t feel terrible about turning 30. I enjoyed every minute of my birthday. 

No matter how old you are-by the way in Disney, you add your two numbers together to find your age…I was 3 (3+0 this was told to me by Tinkerbell herself)-Disney is a great experience. 


Turning 30 in Disney

3 Parks, 1 Day

Each year I head to Disney at least once. Usually it is to participate in one of the RunDisney races. However, this year is a bit different. 

I write this on my last day of my twenties. Tomorrow I will close the door on my twenties and begin a new step. 30! I wanted to do something fun for number 30. A lot of times a birthday just feels like another day (by the way, my wonderful friends and family threw me a great surprise party, they were not about to let 30 be just another day) but Disney really knows how to make a birthday something to celebrate. You actually feel like a child no matter how old you are. 

I woke up, put my birthday button on, and headed out with my mom and boyfriend, Steve. We met a friend, Brian, in Animal Kingdom. In Animal Kingdom, we did a lot. Rode all the rides, saw a couple shows and even had a character brunch at the Tusker House.  


Animal Kingdom closed at 6. We were there past 5. We headed back to the room for a clothing change and headed back out to the parks.

Next up…my favorite-Hollywoods Studios. In Hollywoods Studios, we rode the Tower of Terror and had a great dinner. Because it was my birthday, I was given a worms and dirt cupcake. Look at this deliciousness. 

We closed Hollywood Studios at 9:30 and headed over to the Magic Kingdom for magic hours. After riding haunted mansion, seven dwarfs mine ride, and the little mermaid (along with some shopping) we closed the park at 1am. 

I am now rested and ready to go again. Today we plan to go to Hollywoods Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Have a magical day!

3 Parks, 1 Day

Live from NAB!

Working for Automattic, every so often, we get the opportunity to help out at conferences and events around the nation (and world). For the past few years, has been a sponsor of New Media Expo (NMX), a conference for bloggers and podcasters in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, however, is the first year that NMX is a part of NAB.

I, along with my coworkers, Rebecca, Nick G., Jon, Brooke, Nick H., Daniel, and Dustin are the lucky Automatticians that are staffing the booth this year.

With over 100k people in attendance, the first 2 days (today is day 3) were very exciting. It’s been great meeting WordPress users from all areas. I’ve had the pleasure of working the Happiness Bar and answering user questions about their blogs and getting set up.

One of the most exciting moments for me has been when I helped a user to start a site on the spot. This particular user came up to our booth and explained a bit about himself and said he didn’t have a website. He was a graphic novelist and producer and has been very active on social media. We got him set up with a website for him to put all of his projects so that his fans and future coworkers could find him and see what he’s been up to. It was exciting to show him how fast and easy it is to set up a website. He left here happy and looking forward to further building his site.

It is events like these, where we get to interact with the users face-to-face that really make me love my job. Having someone you’ve never met, just come up and say, “I love WordPress!” really brings a smile to my face.

If you’re here at NAB, please stop by our booth! We are in the North Hall and we’re here to say hello and answer any questions you have.


Live from NAB!

In Memory Of…

March 28 marked seven years since my grandmother passed away. Seven. 

It seems like yesterday that she was here cussing like a sailor and making me laugh. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. 

My grandma raised me from the age of 5 (along with my grandpa) and they became just like my parents. They were there for all of my good and not-so-good moments growing up. 

When I think back about them, I have lots of fond memories. One that stands out is my grandmas trips to Las Vegas. Boy, oh boy, did she love to gamble. 

I can remember going with grandpa one time to pick her up from the airport-I had to be around 6 years old. We had to go down an escalator to get to the area to meet her. Grandpa, not thinking anything of it, stepped on the escalator and started going down-expecting me to follow suit. Except no! I was afraid! I started crying for him. How funny did he look running UP the DOWN escalator? :)

Then when we would get home from the airport, I would sit next to grandmas suitcase-because I knew that inside there were surprises for me. You see, I was spoiled. Every time she went-and she went quite a few times-she would always bring me back souvenirs. It was nice, looking back, that she was always thinking of me. 

For my 19th birthday, grandma took me to Casino Windsor in Canada. The legal gambling age is 19 and she wanted to take me to my first casino. Grandpa gave me $50 as a birthday present to take with me and what do you know? I won $275! Talk about beginners luck! (I have not had such a big win since…)

However, grandma had a special place in her heart for Las Vegas and she told me that for my 21st birthday we were going to go together. 

My 21st birthday came, but I was busy with finals in my senior year of college. So the plans had to be pushed back. Maybe next year for birthday number 22? 

My birthday is April 26. Grandma died March 28 the next year. Our trip to Vegas had to be put on hold for a much longer time. 

When grandma died, we scattered her ashes in the backyard of our old house (aunt nancy took some to Colorado too). I had a different plan. I saved a small amount of grandmas ashes and made a promise-we we’re going to get our trip to Vegas. 

Now, seven years later, I still haven’t been to Las Vegas. But that is about to change. I got the opportunity through work to attend NMX, a conference in Las Vegas from April 13-16. 

Grandma and I are finally going to make the trip together! I plan to bring her along in my suitcase and have a blast. Her casino was the Flamingo and if you pay close attention you may see grandma sitting at one of the slot machines. Looking forward to our trip, finally. 

Love you grandma… 


In Memory Of…